Thursday, 31 March 2011

FFFFound! ...Visualising Quotes

jillian tamaki :: a stitch above the rest

I was thinking about using stitch as a possible medium for my 'what is a line' brief. I came across these reworked book covers in the form of stitch....

I am not particularly keen on these, however I still like the concept of using stitch in some way.

The Empty Pockets Pledge.

Another project I have come across, run by the same people, it is a pledge to end pocket clutter!

The Pockets Project: 2011

The Pockets Project: 2011

A million photographs. One cross-country exhibition.

I have just come across this and think it is such an inventive idea ...I can't wait to see any results they post! i'll be keeping an eye on this one.

An Outfit Tells a Story.

I think this concept would be relevant to the definition of a line referring to the descendants of an individual.

The Early Years: 1981-89, A Retrospective Told in Buttons and Pins from Mette Hornung Rankin on Vimeo.

Mette has also used buttons to represent his childhood years...another unique concept fitting to this definition of a line.

The Sketchbook Project...Mette Rankin

'The Sketchbook Project' 

Sent 28839 sketchbooks to artists from 49 countries. Just under 10000 were completed and returned. The exhibition tour began Feb 2011. Mette's entry.....

Through my 'What is a Line' project I want to create an sketchbook filled with little sketches like these; using the four definitions as my theme.

Pupils and Ink.

A blog created by Gerrard Lamson of simple things he has drawn! I like the simplicity of these drawings.

Gerren Lamson Venn

These illustrative diagrams really caught my eye ..I especially admire the stock they are drawn onto! I think experimenting with stocks could be a possible direction to take this.