Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Displaying a range..

I am attempting to create a banner for the Facebook site so have been looking out how I could possibly present my range of products within that. This will then showcase the products on the social media sites which will in effect be an advertising channel for the company.....

Although this is not makeup but fashion instead, I am fond of the way in which there is a mix between real products and graphical elements. I am thinking that I could create this within my facebook banner using the '17' cosmetic products and the graphic designs.


As with the above Tom Ford cosmetic range, I have realised that I need to brand each product itself. I have ensured the packaging was branded but I need to make sure that each product has the 17 logo branded upon so that the consumer is aware that it is a '17' product they are using, this is essentially advertising for their brand too.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Companies using Facebook

I want to propose a better use of Facebook for 17 cosmetics; they already have a page up and running but it is not used as appropriately as it could be. I have, therefore, looked into how other companies use their Facebook sites to promote their brand....

All these companies use their Facebook pages to promote their current products, the launch of new products and reviews/articles the products have received. 17 does do this a little but with a more colloquial tone of voice (they also seem to constantly pose questions which are irrelevant and random)

Urban Outfitters pose a daily graphical image to advertise one of their products... this could be something I propose 17 do with their products.

Urban Decay are another company who use their site well in order to sell their products; uploading daily pictures and magazine cut features. 

Method of distribution...

I have been considering places where my designs could be seen and have had a little look at the spaces to allow me to consider how the audience would interact with each... store window displays station advertising

....billbaords vehicle advertising

...glossy magazines

...bus stops

All these places would allow my designs to be seen by the public. I need to consider the places most appropriate to my target audience.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Boots window poster display

It was suggested to me in my crit that I produce promotional material for the Boots 17 makeup range. In order for it to fit in with the Boots brand identity and for the designs to work within the store itself I have taken a look at the in store and window promotional material (posters)....

So, I am going to apply the designs I have already made to this structure.

Creative Advertising

I have come across this advertising campaign for cosmetics; it is most certainly a unique take on advertising. I am presuming this is to advertise a summer range of products.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Shopping Bags

I am looking at applying my design to shopping bags so I want to see how other companies go about doing this in a minimal but effective way that reflects the products being purchased.....

All of these bags have a small amount of type on them ...usually just the brand logo. This keeps the shopper simple and a direct marketing campaign.

...I have then considered how I could be creative with the store bag. The above images are a perfect demonstration of this.

I could also produce these in a variety of colours to work with the colour coding system I have implemented throughout the range....

Friday, 18 May 2012

17 website QR code

I am currently designing the promotional material for the 17 brand and thought it would be wise to have the QR code to link the Boots 17 website on these designs....

Tuesday, 15 May 2012


I want to brand the 17 website using the designs I have produced, so to get a little inspiration I have looked at other cosmetic brands to see what their website designs are like....

...good use of white space/ clear navigation/ also works under a brand website like 17 will have to.

very simple/ clear navigation/ simple presentation of products

very busy/ navigation apparent/ imagery distracts from products

Label M Packaging Multiple Products

I have so far only considered how I would package a single product within my range but I have begun to consider how I can package multiple products. Label M do this extremely effectively; their simple design upon the packaging allows for a little more intricate patterns to be placed upon the packaging but not as to take anything away from the product. Simple but effective.

Toni&Guy Model Me

I am desperately trying to source the Toni&Guy rebrand and find out who did it but it proving impossible; I really want/need to discover what information is going to be necessary to include on the packaging if I am going to include a QR link on the product. I think I may have to resort to taking a trip to Boots.

Anyway, whilst trying to find this I came across the Toni&Guy Model Me range...

I really like the simplicity of this and the subtle use of colour. It also demonstrates how the same structure of the type can be used across a range of products by simply altering the copy and varying the colours; this is essentially what I am trying to achieve within my products. 

Estimated Sign

I have begun to produce my packaging and now want to get down to the nitty gritty in order for them to look authentic. I noticed almost all the packaging included an 'e' symbol after the measurement of the product so I decided to see what it was and when it needs to be used....

It's called the Estimated Sign.
(from Wikipedia)
"The estimated sign is a mark required to be appended to the nominal mass or volume printed on prepackaged goods for sale within the European Union. It certifies that the actual contents of the package comply with specified criteria for estimation:

  • the average quantity of product in a batch of prepackages shall not be less than the nominal quantity stated on the label;
  • the proportion of prepackages having a negative error greater than
    the tolerable negative error shall be sufficiently small for batches of
    prepackages to satisfy the requirements of the official reference test
    as specified in legislation;
  • no prepackage having a negative error greater than twice the tolerable negative error may bear the estimated sign.

The tolerable negative error is related to the nominal quantity and varies between 9% on prepackages nominally 50 g or mL or less, to 1.5% on packages nominally 1 kg or L or more.

The estimated sign looks like a lower-case "e" and its shape is precisely defined by an EU directive. This sign has been added to the Unicode list of characters, just as the symbol for the Euro has been, and can be considered a new basic character in a typeface. It is character U+212E."
The estimated sign is placed either before or after the net weight on European packaging. I don't believe there is a consistent location for it, since it's placed on either side for no apparent reason. The European net weight in grams, milliliters or liters only. Ounces are not generally stated, but are sometimes included alongside the net grams.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

In-Store presentation

I am getting to the stage where I need to consider the in-store presentation of my product. I have therefore been researching; I have looked at some of the brands which my target audience use most.




I am very fond of the free standing islands for make-up presentation. I am going to attempt to propose a structure like this to present the 17 make up products upon.