Monday, 31 January 2011

Indie Publishing: How to Design a Book.

I have used this book to help me plan my 'exhibition catalog' style book I am going produce in order to explain the logic behind my designs.

Exhibition Catalogs from Leeds College of Art.

I asked at the exhibitions office in college to see if they had any spare exhibition catalogues&this is what they came back with.......

This has been set out in a very simplistic manor using only 2 colours. However, it is this that helps the audience to easily grasp the content.

I really like this simple fold out poster format, it is a visual yet informative and is something which I could easily produce within my own body of work.

This one is interesting... the bold use of red really draws you in and the images create high interest.

I sincerely love this one; the use of red graph paper had me lured in straight away, not forgetting the riveting binding involved.

Another simple design layout. I especially like the cover design.

Now this one isn't very informative but the visuals speak for themselves I suppose.

.....some very useful and intriguing references here.