Monday, 30 April 2012


The design of Benefit packaging is very simple and plain but it is the use of typeface and simple imagery that brings the products to life; objects of intrigue.

My Brief

After talking to a peer today about the brief I was going to tackle, I realised that I am essentially going to be re-branding 17 cosmetics range. However, I am mostly unsure on the target audience that 17 are aimed at as I want my design to be a little more mature. Consequently, I am thinking that I could use the concept of the 17 brand and the problems associated with their brand but find a new target audience in which I am going to brand the range to. I want my designs to have a strong hold on the design of the product, this will allow me to bring some elements of successful design driven prints I see into my work. I am not yet sure what this target audience could be, so I am going to have a little think.....


 The design of Rimmel's product range again uses the black and white colour scheme with the odd addition of colour, which seems to be cropping up more and more.


Topshop make up range is uses a simple colour scheme and then allows the colour of the product to produce the colour for the design. This is an element which I really want to incorporate into my design as it also showcases the product by doing so.

17// History

Boots history section provides a brief explanation into how 17 as evolved out of Boots as a brand. It could be quite interesting to propose the 17 range be sold in other stores as a concession, however, this may not be taken well as it is a by-product of the Boots store. 17 has been around for a long time, so I want to research into what the product used to look like and possibly use some of the aspects of these designs to influence my designs and celebrate how long the brand has been around for. I'll have a little look....

17//Social Media

17 have active Facebook and Twitter accounts, however, not much of the content seems to be driven towards the 17 cosmetics range; it seems more to be a female with an account through the brand to which it is being used to socialise and write random posts. I feel the accounts should be used to showcase 17 products to a wider audience and let people have a discussion about them. It used also be used to gain valuable feedback from the 17 users, people could be then rewarded for supplying this feedback via a promotion of freebie.

17 Beauty Blog

17 have  a 'Beauty Blog' up and running which is concerned with their cosmetic range and keep followers up to date on the latest products and release dates. This is an effective sales idea as it allows people to gain knowledge of when they can actually purchase 17 products in-store. However, I think they could run a blog which allows them to have active followers and then reward these followers by giving them some sort of promotion.

Barry M

The majority of BarryM's design use a little colour but utilize the type and logo. I want type to be a key focal point within my design.

Sunday, 29 April 2012


Maybelline's product range uses more colour on the actual packaging design rather than allowing the make-up to bring the colour.

Maybelline have infused their make up range with fashion in order to give their audience a daily fashion suggestion of how to wear their make up with the latest fashion. This is an ideal route to take as most girls who are interested in make up will also be concerned about the latest fashion trends; something to consider when trying to engage 17 users with the products.

Me, Me, Me

Again, this range predominantly uses black as the base colour and allows the product to bring the colour where possible. I like the use of type across these products and the subtle pattern used creates a girly feel about the products which I think young girls would feel they can relate to.

Collection 2000

The actual design of the collection 2000 makeup range is not designed using colour as the colour comes from the product itself. This is a nice idea but I think the type could be better designed.

17 Makeup Range

I have been looking at the 17 make-up range; how it the product's packaging is designed, the colours used, how the make-up range is advertised and how the brand generally come across. If i'm honest I do not think the current designs and colour schemes would appeal to their target audience of young girls; the majority of the packaging is black with white type which is quite dull and unappealing. I think the products need to come across more vibrant and fun but retain the sense that they are still of a quality to which young girls will aspire to want to use. I am, therefore, going to look further into how other brands market their products to the same target audience to see if I could then infuse some of these ideals into my designs for 17.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Website Research

Researching website to gain ideas for the construction of my own website in Dreamweaver....

All of these websites have rather simple layout, however, I think these are most effective. The simple layout means that the focus becomes the work rather than a fancy website design and as it is the my work which I want to be the focal point of my design, then I feel this is an apt design.