Thursday, 26 May 2011

Interactive Graphics At It's Best.......

This just goes to show how graphics really is used everywhere. Wow Beyonce, just wow!!

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

InDesign...little find today!

Today, I flicked through a free magazine I was handed in town and found this layout which I thought could work quite well as a technique to differentiating the questions from the answers in my article...

Monday, 23 May 2011

What is Graphic Design// Type Driven: Typotherapy.

WHAT// Typographic based poster designs.; experimenting with inverting letterforms dissected by the grid.
WHO// Typographer lovers, people with an appreciation for graphic design.
WHERE// Sold in store. To be displayed in poster format.

What is Graphic Design// Type Driven: Company -London

WHAT// Toner cartridge packaging for Almo Office
WHO// People who need ink cartridges
WHERE// Offices. The model number of the printer has been made bold to stand out. It has been made with genuine green credentials in order to help the environment. 

Sunday, 22 May 2011

What is Graphic Design// Type&Image Driven: Johanna Bonnevier

WHAT// Book Design for Black Dog Publishing
WHO// People with an interest in Swedish Modernism' or just simply an appreciation for the graphics involved. 
WHERE// To be read by the audience.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

What is Graphic Design// Type Driven: Michela Monterosso.

WHAT// Packaging for a series of flavoured milks. 
WHO// Purchasers of the milky product!
WHERE// Shops, cafes, restaurants.

What is Graphic Design// Type Driven: Creneau International

WHAT// In-store communication and visual identity.
WHO// Customers in the shop.
WHERE// Read on the walls, door hangers, promotional materials etc. 

Speaking From Experience: AER20-200

This is the effect I wanted to create with the positive and negative spaces on the front card for my lanyard.

What is Graphic Design// Type Driven: Marx Design

WHAT// Marx Wine packaging.
WHO// Wine purchasers. 
WHERE// Wine sellers. Audience interact with packaging by reading the statements. 

What is Graphic Design// Image&Type: Funny Paper3.

WHAT// 'Portfoliarchiv': Design for an exhibition of contemporary art in Vienna.   
WHO// People interested in the exhibition.
WHERE// Online. Audience interact through browsing the site.

What is Graphic Design// Type Diven: Funny Paper2.

WHAT// 'Places of Worship' catalog for the artist Andreas Duscha.
WHO// The religious one out there!
WHERE// Places of worship acquire knowledge. 

What is Graphic Design// Image Driven: Funny Paper.

WHAT// Peter Kogler catalogue for Museum Moderner Kunst Vienna. 
WHO// Visitors of the museum who wish to purchase merchandise. 
WHERE// Available for purchase in the museum. 

What is Graphic Design// Image Driven: Spencer Bigum

WHAT// 'Music on Paper' promotional Calendar for Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. '12 experiments that attempt to re-think the way we visualise music.' Capturing music as a visual rather than audio and the artists interaction with the instrument.
WHO// Music and art lovers. People wanting a bright and cheerful calendar.
WHERE// Sold in shops. Used as a calendar. 

What is Graphic Design// Type Diven: Funny Paper.

WHAT// Packaging for Reishunger rice. 
WHO// Consumers of the brand.
WHERE// To be sold in supermarkets. Bold type catches audience and creates intrigue.