Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Other Brands...

It is the simple use of type that draws me to these design. The bold use of colour also creates a sense of intrigue, especially amongst the tools which could otherwise be quite a bland/boring product. I need to consider the product in relation to what needs to be applied to it in terms of the amount of colour and type. 

I am very fond of the UNE packaging, it is incredibly simplistic with only the most important information being presented in a simple typeface with a simple colour palette used throughout. I want to try and achieve this simplicity through my designs, but simplicity can be one of the hardest elements to master. 

Both the above brands, again, have a simplistic design which effectively engages their audience in their design. 

I decided to also look at department stores as this would provide me with a quick look at a range of products in one glance.

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