Wednesday, 2 May 2012

A trip into town...

So, today I took a trip into town to explore the 17 range in Boots and other competition brands....

I was mostly concerned with researching into the in-store presentation of the products and the graphic design involved with it. Both 17 and many other brands seems to use black within their designs, consequently it is the use of the lighting within the display counters that makes the products seem appealing. Some products let the colour of the product (especially nail varnishes) provide the colour for the product, whereas others provide the colour throughout their product designs. Most cosmetic brands seem to have a visual consistency throughout their designs; this is an element of design which 17 do not have; I think if the products were to become visually consistent it would instantly improve the brand's visual appearance. There are some brands which do this particularly well, their design is fairly simple to allow for a subtle change throughout the range. This is what I want to achieve within the 17 range; create one main design which can then be adapted slightly and applied to a range of products, then delivered in-store.

I have been quite surprised by the sheer amount of design there is concerned with the in-store presentation of a product range, there are a lot of different design elements that I need to consider within this. I also need to decide what I am going to produce and what I am going to propose within this brief (especially when it comes to the in-store presentation).

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